“It’s really quiet here.”
The Tule fossil beds surrounded me.  An archway in the sediment, looking like some kind of eroded aperture, was the only means of moving forward.  As I walked through I recalled reading that “Some grains of sand are square and others pyramidal.”  That same essay alluded to “Cameras lost in shells and skeletons.”
“Countless others have passed through that archway.” 
I stood on top of a disorienting maze of washes and ravines. A sluggish and apathetic landscape of white dust and disintegrating stratigraphy expanded before my eyes.  My vision was immediately compelled towards the false horizon which took the shape of the Mountain Crest subdivision retaining wall.  I barely noticed the cement sphere laying in front of me.  
“It is important to remember that those houses were abandoned the moment they became occupied.”
 “More are coming.”  
 “Their motives will be difficult to understand.”