They approached the cinder block structure from the south.  It was shaped like a simple cube, roughly 10 feet square, and featured an open doorway leading to an empty interior .  The small building’s hard shadows, formed by the mid-afternoon light, pulled them closer, though their actual distance from it felt impossible to grasp.  
Easier for them to understand was their subconscious compulsion towards this structure.  An unimaginative and pointless architecture that nevertheless manifested a strange and special potential. Inexplicably it reminded them of the deformed shadows at Tule, which were nearly identical to the shadows they saw splayed across the city’s park benches over the past couple of weeks at various times of day.  
Stillness can only be seen, and remembered, through the scars it leaves behind.      
Yet sometimes stillness can only be heard, not seen.  A barely audible white noise reigned over the site.  Behind the cube structure were the homes of the Roma Hills subdivision, about 150 feet away.  The drone of air conditioning condensing units sounded much louder than they actually were, relentlessly reaching their ears and then dissipating into silence.     
“It is important to remember that these houses were abandoned the moment they became occupied,” one said to the other.     Numerous windows were  fully closed, tinted, and reflecting back not only the heat but also the image of a warped and fanatical Sun.  They counted twelve suns.  One in each visible window. 
It was at this moment, as their eyes scanned deeper into the distance, that they noticed for the very first time the abstract signs, ciphers of some bizarre or inarticulate calculus dispersed around various parts of the landscape.    The scatter of these signs made it difficult for them to rest their eyes anywhere. Regardless, they enjoyed seeing the ancient desert rocks, along with more contemporary concrete forms,  lying next to these strange semiotic excesses.  The proximities manifested both the distant past and the encroaching future.  It was here that they could finally recognize how rock, concrete, and the unintelligible play the role of meddling trespasser on the indifferent and perpetual present this city has found itself in.